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Jesus did not come to earth to condemn the world but to seek and save those who could not find their way. 

We've all lost our way at some point and in some ways throughout our lives.  It is popular today to assume that any direction we go from here is ok, as long as we are sincere and don't obviously hurt others.... But what if our culture is wrong about that?   What if there is a God who set the stage and calls the shots?

Whether skeptical or ready and hungry for faith, here are 5 different online formats to answer your questions and maybe ask some questions you may not have thought of before:

╬  1. A "virtual conversation" at the Online Summit

Get to the point quickly with less reading through a focused Question and Answer series that is similar to a flow chart.  It is written, not audio or video.

╬  2. A comprehensive free book on spirituality: The Law, Grace & Passion

* Scientific and historical evidence for how we got here:
   o Evolution

The Obedience of Faith

A short letter to the believer in Jesus Christ who is not a “religious nut” about their faith

   o Extraterrestrial theories
   o Intelligent design
   o Creation
* A comparison of major religions - why we’re here and where we’re going:
   o Why Christians and secular historians believe the Bible is trustworthy
   o Explanation of the Bible’s central message
* Is there hope for the mess we’re in? How we’re supposed to live:
   o Racism
   o Violence
   o Purpose
   o Sex and marriage

╬  3. Videos

  •  A docudrama on the life of Jesus Christ:  The Jesus Film  128 minutes
  •  Select a topic about Jesus and Christianity and watch a short video about that topic:  Jesus, Fact or Fiction
  • A movie worth watching about hearts turning 180 degrees: www.180movie.com  33 minutes

╬  4. Bibles and study guides

Apologetics- defending the faith:

╬  5.  The Short Story

Our selfishness and sins have broken our relationship with God.  But amazingly, God came looking for us to make it right, to bring us back to Himself.  True Christianity is all about how Jesus came to earth not just to teach about "peace on earth, goodwill toward men," but to literally bring peace, first between God and man, and then to supernaturally empower us to love each other! 

It all starts with humility before God...  John 16:8  "And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment"

Whether as a nation or as individuals, deep inside, most people know that one day we will all stand before the ultimate Judge.  Our creator put that sense in us.  It is part of our God created conscience.    

Some people have seared that conscience and they can no longer feel right and wrong, others avoid the truth and put it off;  like Governor Felix in Acts 24:25-  "Now as he (the apostle Paul) reasoned about righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come, Felix was afraid and answered, 'Go away for now; when I have a convenient time I will call for you.'"   Most Americans have told God to go away, I'll call for you later.   We all want God to change the world, unless it's our world He's trying to change. 

Our "generic" faith in God's existence is not enough to erase the responsibility we owe for our own sins; nor is blind faith in a generic God sufficient to reveal the correct path we are to follow.  James 2:19 says- "You believe that there is one God. You do well.  Even the demons believe--and tremble!"  If you are tired of groping in the dark for the truth of God, there is a way you can know for sure.  I know it seems too good to be true, but it's not.   There are lots of evidences from multiple, solid sources to establish a simple clear picture that can transform a vague, generic feeling about God into a vibrant sure faith that pleases God.

The Good News

Please, hear me now, if you are NOT one of those people who mock or avoid the truth of God and if you are humble and honest enough to admit your sin and brokenness before God, then I have some VERY good news for you about the coming judgment against sin:

God instituted a plan that enables mankind to exercise freedom, yet preserves justice and allows mercy for the repentant.  It is an excellent plan that only God could have devised.

But there is only one way for it to work... His way.   He came to earth personally to show us that way.  Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me."   John 14:6

If you want to know this salvation that God has provided for us through Jesus Christ...

  • Because on the cross, Jesus took the punishment we all deserve and gave us the option of faith in His redemptive work- choose now.  Ask Him now to forgive you for your selfishness, idolatry and sin; receive that forgiveness based on the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ.  Read His Word.  Get with other believers.  Follow Him with your whole heart.

  • And/Or read more at the resource links above or the essays and articles below.   They help provide a sound logical basis to know why the Bible is believable and to understand its central message-   so you can make a sure decision.

  •  Or If you'd rather talk to a live person  click here to email us and we will contact a neighborhood chaplain near you.  You can correspond by email, talk by phone or have a personal visit-- whatever you are comfortable with.  We want to help encourage you in your spiritual walk in any way we can

╬ 5 continued.  Essay style papers, flyers and booklets to read (and free to distribute)

Many of these are now consolidated in a somewhat logical order, along with many useful articles from other authors, and are compiled in The Law Grace and Passion.     **** The writings with four asterisks can be accessed with the links below but they are also now included in the full version of the Law Grace and Passion.

**** indicates this is now included in the full version of the Law Grace and Passion

  • Access to our Google Drive folder where the latest versions of more tracts, sermons and papers are listed: Christian Papers and Booklets

    The Law, Grace and Passion comes in several formats and much shorter versions:

    Format Size Sheets Pages Columns Font The Law, Grace and Passion-     Notes
    Business Card QR code link to the LGP online book and a link to www.online-summit.org   Click the thumbnail on the left to enlarge it.  Right click the large picture to download.  Click here to get it printed
    Google Doc Web Page or print from site 8.5x11 150 350+ 1 11 Changes are instantly updated.  Format allows accurate printing straight from this latest version of the book.
    Bi-fold front/back 5.5x8.5 13 52 1 13 Great mega tract booklet, companion for "Gift New Testaments"
    Full page PDF 8.5x11 3 or 6 6 1 13 Fixed Format for printing (Shorter version, less Bible proofs))
    Bi-Fold Booklet 4.25x11 2 8 1 13 Tall, great for windshield leafleting "fold and staple"
    Pocket Booklet 4.25x5.5 3 24 1 13 Personal hand-out, fits in pocket or purse "fold, staple & cut"
    1 page, Front/Back 8.5x11 1 or 2 2 2 9.5 Much smaller font. No folding needed. The same content
    1 Page, Single side 8.5x11 1 1 3 8 Quick Print- Small font-  LESS content

Are you a believer?

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Need to talk?  Click here to contact us us and we will try to find a neighborhood chaplain near you.  You can correspond by email, talk by phone or have a personal visit-- whatever you are comfortable with.  We want to help in any way we can.